E komo mai!

Hawai'i is different and we rejoice in that difference. Still, what happens in Washington, DC and at the national level, effects what you do at the bedside in Honolulu and all the other places nurses practice in the Aloha State. That's why we have formed a new Hawai'i chapter so nurses can stay connected to ANA and take advantage of its member benefits.

Nurses from Hawai'i join as direct members of ANA and are then connected together as members of ANA- Hawai'i. Hawai'i nurses then connect virtually with other nurses through a chapter structure, list serves and special events.

That's what membership in ANA is all about: nurses joining together with other nurses across the country… being represented by other nurses who do nothing but work for you. When you join ANA your voice will count. Your opinion will influence decisions affecting nursing practice, patient health, and your community. Join today - mahalo.

Want to learn more about the ANA Hawai'i chapter? Download this brochure to learn more and join!
Last updated 8/26/2009.